Poor Poorly Babies

What an evil month my poor babies have had!  Health issues have been at the forefront for both of them lately and I have to admit, I am shattered from nursing them!

Lets start with the onslaught of head lice which have been vehemently attempting to suck my little girl’s brain out through her scalp for over four months now.  I de-bug her and the family so vigorously that our scalps practically squeak and our brushes clog up with hair so quickly that they resemble tiny matted animals.  Yet within 48 hours she returns home with more monster cranium crawlers.

I am literally tearing my hair out in frustration and my poor girl is getting so down about it.  What can we do if other parents are not treating their kids heads?  I have heard that lice are able to burrow under the scalp if left to their own devices, whereupon they lay their eggs.  Whether that is true or my big brother is just winding me up but I am raking my melon just thinking about it.  Complaints to the school headmaster are met with equal frustration.

I remember the days of the nit nurse coming round each classroom.  A giant boob’d woman who would very practically use her knockers to hold your head still whilst she examined your head like a flea picking gorilla. All us kids were in the same boat with her so none were made to feel demoralised.  When did our good ‘ol Nitty Nora become a political issue?

Three weeks ago, my daughter began to complain about her ear hurting.  A few days later a fever set in which the usual paracetamol & Ibuprofen struggled to lower.  Next morning she woke the house screaming. She said her ear had popped.  At 5.30am my patience over a popping noise was low so I shoveled in some more Ibuprofen and sent her back to bed.  My guilt was enormous when I saw the pools of uurgghh, don’t know what to call it, leaking from her poor earhole next morning.

Meanwhile my son was doing his best to get his share of the strawberry paracetamol liquid.  He complained of a tummy-ache, leg pains, head pains but I refused thinking that he was playing me.  Whilst at the doctors for my daughter, I mentioned my son’s symptoms expecting my boy to correct me so as not to get in trouble with the doctor for fibbing.  To my surprise, he nodded through the consultation and even pointed to his ouchy bits.  The doctor’s brief check resulted in him being diagnosed with a sore throat and the usual water and the much requested strawberry paracetamol liquid advised.

A few days later and my son was complaining that his wee hurts.  His temperature was still up and he said his lower back and tummy hurt too.  Antibiotics prescribed from the doctor still hadn’t worked four days later so the doctor sent him for scans.  It was then that my little boy told me that he has been bleeding when he wees. I felt so frustrated and angry at myself for not having acted sooner.

The problem with my son is that, unlike his sister, he does not like drawing attention to himself. For example, if he is ever sick, he just takes himself off to the toilet, pukes and then returns to bed without telling anyone. Something would have to really have been troubling him before he tells anyone.  This is why I am kicking myself because I should have realised that, by speaking about his pains, it meant that he must have been feeling terrible; his sister is the dramatic one, not him!  In the end, it turned out that my poor boy had a water infection and had also passed a kidney stone.  Shocked!

Yesterday topped it all off however.  Whilst my daughter and I were hunting snails in the back garden, my son was in the playroom on his Nintendo DS.  After about 10 minutes we gave up our search and returned indoors.  My little man was curled up on the sofa looking very sorry for himself. “Whats the matter mate?” I asked him.  He looked so unhappy as he whispered “Something is stuck in my nose”.  Expecting a gross greeny, I got out a tissue and searched the cave for bats.  What I saw was not green; it was silver and shiny.  “What the heck is that?”  A big tear rolled down his cheek as he answered “A screw”.

I was torn between laughter and panic.  He told me that he had been playing a game and he could not get it out.  Kids; they baffle me!  I held his opposite nostril shut and ordered him to snort.  The screw would not shift.  I told the kids to get in the car and he followed me meekly, snorting and snotting.  “My friend eats greenies” my daughter announces as she helps her brother into his carseat at which point my boy burst out laughing.  He thought it was the most hysterical thing ever and at that moment, the ferociousness of his sudden laughter sent out an almighty snort.  A small silver screw flew through the air and landed at his feet.

I am praying for a healthy summer for them both.  Sleep deprivation that comes from taking care of sickly children is knackering and its my turn for sympathy now…yeah, like that’s going to happen 😦

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