Headteachers. Use or Ornament?

My daughter is one of those kids who does everything in her own sweet time.  Whether we are doing something for her or for someone else, she just dawdles along in her own little world.  It is unbelievably frustrating!
School day mornings are the worst!  I employed every tactic bar smacking and nothing is working; star charts, rewards, yelling, threats nothing works!  I can’t even say she is being naughty it is just simply a case that she is so easily distracted, or so I thought….

Yesterday morning was an extreme case and we were still in the hallway waiting for her to put her shoes on when we should have been at least half way to school.  I took a deep breath and asked her patiently “do you actually care about being late for school?” to which she grinned and replied “no, not even a little bit!”  Now I was at the root of the problem.

I sat down upon the bottom step of the stairs aka naughty step and smiled back at her.  “Ok sweetie, if you don’t care then I don’t care either” her faced beamed and she hugged me as though I were the bestest mummy in the world.  “So when we get to school, you can tell the headmaster exactly why we are late”, she recoiled in horror.  “But mum, we are late because I have been messing about” to which I patted her shoulder and replied “there you go then, you know what to tell him”
On the drive to school while my Son sat smugly in his car seat adopting his best behaviour to deliberately provoke my daughters seething temper, she sat arms crossed with eyes watering.  “Can you tell the Head teacher after I have gone into my class Mum?” she begged.  “No honey, this is your responsibility.  You decided what time we are going to school so it is up to you to tell him why” I answered.  I did feel a bit sorry for her but knew she must learn that there are consequences to creating her own rules, for her own sake.
We arrived at the school and as expected the playground was deserted, the doors locked.  My girl hung her head and gingerly pressed the intercom button to the school office.  As we were buzzed in I had to practically shove her through the door.  She waited patiently at the reception desk for the secretary to address her.
“We are late because I was messing about this morning” she mutters.  The Headmaster and two receptionists put their heads to one side and in unison sigh “aahhh, how cute” The Headmaster beams at her and responds affectionately “How honest of you.  I am so proud of you and for that I will let you off.   Honesty is a wonderful quality my dear.  We will blame your mother instead!” much laughter from the staff erupted.
My daughter smiled widely and waved happily to me as she bounded off to her class.  Her four year old brother and I looked at each other in disbelief before turning to the staff with evil eyes.  If either of us thought we could get away with it we would have vaulted the reception desk and slapped ‘Hello, I’m Stupid’ stickers across the foolish faculty’s faces.


She came home from school this afternoon with a couple of the usual letters informing us that there is a plague of nits, we need to donate food and drink for the Christmas fayre so that they can charge us to buy it back and  apparently too many children are arriving late to school which is causing disruption to classes.  Hhmmmm I ask again….Use or Ornament?

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