Should All Schools Subscribe To ParentPay?

“Mum, don’t forget my lunch money” to which I reply “yep, don’t let me pass the cash machine”.  Of course, my daughter is too engrossed in her BBM gobbldegoop messages and I am too busy mentally planning my day, interjected with screaming “for crying out loud..shift it…put your foot down… MOVE IT …you complete and utter $##$!!” so as the cash point becomes a dot in my rear view mirror, neither of us remembers to remember.  This happens pretty much every week since she moved schools.

In her last school in Denbighshire, there was a fantastic website called Parent Pay.  It allowed me to get home, realise that I’d cocked up again and simply log on and ping a payment onto her school lunch account.  even better, when I was in the middle of a presentation to a corporate client, and the ‘Mum, I’m hungry and no credit’ message flashed up on my phone, I could simply log on via my IPhone and top up her account with no fuss. Job done. 
Not now in her current school.  It’s a case of letting her starve; most tempting when I have already driven 15 miles in the opposite direction, or turn back and drive to the school in order to cough up the dosh at reception.  Inconvenient at the best of times!

An added benefit of Parent Pay was that I could see exactly what my child had, or hadn’t, eaten each day so for any parents concerned over eating issues, this is a discreet and easy way to monitor without upsetting your child.  Furthermore, bills for school trips or school equipment could also be paid via this online account.  I was able to break up the payments for a new netbook into manageable chunks which was a lifeline. 

I will certainly be recommending this website to my daughter’s new school.  It will save me a fortune in extra petrol and mileage.  Does your child’s school use this website? Before I go on an all out mission / campaign, it would be great to know if other parent’s advocate its use?  Feel free to comment below 🙂


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