Carry On Camping

My man has a new toy.  Well, its not so much as toy I suppose; its more like a thing…on wheels.  Meet Trevor
Meet Trevor
Trevor is a tent thing on wheels, which in his foreplay state, is neatly tucked in to make a perfect trailer.  You hook it up, drag it to a field and then pull on it till it blossoms into a cosy home for the weekend. Inside it houses 3 double beds, a little wardrobe, cooker, fridge, table and heater. What it does not have however is a pooper-room.  The kids and I were horrified!
As Hubby veered Trevor around the garden gates and manoeuvred him/it onto the lawn,  my fella looked so pleased with himself.  The kids looked across the opposite side of the garden at our trusty 2 berth caravan, complete with toilet and in perfect Bart Simpson ventriloquism wailed “Ahhh Maaaan“.  Through gritted teeth, behind cheesy grin I warned “Just smile ok”.
Hubs is chuffed
Hubby set to work unpinning this, expanding that, swearing at this and “Wey Hey”‘ing at that. We left him to it.  A few trips to Bevans later and he was ready for the big “Ta Dahhhh”.  The kids and I looked from Trevor, to Hubby, to each other, to Trevor before squealing “Coool.  This is ACE!”  We bumped each other out of the way to be first in to inspect what trailer thing has to offer.
Sat in our garden, still in Trevor with the sides rolled up, a cuppa and a hotdog each, we already felt like we had the holiday spirit.  The smells and the atmosphere always takes me back to my childhood days of caravan holidays to Caernarfon with my parents and my two brothers.
We loved waking up to the sound of the nearby river running, peeking through the curtains to watch for day-break bunnies and squirrels.  BBQ lunches whilst the boys were off fishing and me begging them to put the poor fishies back as soon as they finally caught one. A one-off occasion of my mother trying to perm my hair in the caravan bathroom and the place stunk like cat pee for the rest of the week.  Family matches of badminton, football and lawn darts followed by ‘one last re-match’ of playing cards or dominoes.  Real, quality time together without television or the Atari (we are talking about the 80’s here).
Its still very much the same now with my own children.  Yes we are off to Tenerife soon and Yes, we went to a 5* Egypt resort last year but I still say, you cant beat the good old British caravan for proper family bonding; even if you do have to use public pooper-rooms.

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