The Radio Interview

“It’s just a short interview, you will be fine” said Christina, Head of PR.  That sentence ran through my head like a major Tourette’s tic from the moment I woke up today till the second I walked my knocking knees out of the studio. It was amazing how many questions can be asked in a 3 minute segment!

Me at Dee106.3 Radio Chester

I work part-time for Welsh charity.  Two ambitious / crazy fundraisers had been in touch to say that they were embarking on a mission which they had cooked up over numerous beers last year, and were still going ahead with it.  A cycle ride from Chepstow, south Wales, through North Wales to Chester via the entire Welsh coastline. No longer considered whippersnappers and having never been fitness junkies, this was a mammoth 8 day trip by anyone’s standards!

To get public support and inspire fellow bikers to join them for a mile or 10 along the way, my two fellas had requested Chester’s radio station Dee 106.3 to give them a few minutes publicity.  The result was a full interview, a daily live progress report phone call and a finish line interview with all the trimmings.  The guys seemed more nervous about this than the actual cycle trip!  That’s when I got the phone call.

As representative of the charity, would I agree to being interviewed on the radio and supporting our guys?  I’ve done plenty of media junkets, TV appearances, stage performances etc. but this was to be my first radio interview.  “Yeah, no probs, send me the deets” I replied casually.  How hard could it be?

So, this morning I was fully dolled up with my foxy dress, fake tan, lashes, 8 false fingernails (two dropped off due to being too cheap to withstand stress-biting) swooshable hair and a rare appearance of mid-heeled shoes (Arthritic knees wont allow me my to-die-for fluorescent pink Ted Baker Sky-scraper shoes *waahhh*).  It was when I arrived at the studio I got my facepalm realisation that Duh, its Radio – no bugger can see you anyway Lynz!!!  Oh well.

Rich & John preparing to be interviewed

The Presenter of the morning show, Gareth popped his head out of the studio and offered to make me a brew whilst I waited.  Good man; a brew fixes all woes. With that ‘Radio Mic Ready’ voice, he informed me that I would be on in fifteen minutes.  I took a deep breath and began flicking through our charity annual report.  I knew all the contents but was very worried that as soon as the ‘on air’ light-bulb flashed up, my ‘brain is working’ flashbulb would quickly pop.

My fundraiser dudes arrived and we were shown through into the studio, the mike adjusted infront of our faces and a brief ‘this is what we are going to do’ chat was given. Deep breath, light-bulb …. “And in the studio with me today is Lyndsey, Richard & John”….

I actually relaxed as soon as I had the first sentence out. I got across all the points I needed to make about funding, rescue missions, fundraisers, events, an impromptu shout out for volunteers and most importantly managed to not refer to anyone as ‘dudes’. Most proud of myself!  My cycle dudes did great too.  Although they were shaking with nerves, they came across really well.  The Presenter agreed that they were bats for undertaking such a massive task but, like me and everyone else I am sure, were so impressed and inspired by these men.  The kindness, generosity and selflessness of what they are doing to raise money for our charity is incredible!

We are all to be interviewed on the radio again at the end of their journey.  This time I will be better prepared but at the end of the day, as long as I tell all the radio listerners how fantastic Richard and John are, then my job has been done well.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I told you it'd be fine – you're a pro! 🙂


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