Show Me Website Launch

As you may already know, I work for charity. I try to keep up with all things 3rd sector and stay as knowledgeable as is possible when I have two children whose incessant chatter/ drama / singing / screaming beats my brain into a mushy pool of ‘er…who am I?’ every day.

So, I was pleased when an email ping’d in for me about a charity collaboration between Culture24, Culture Street and Collections Trust who, having been granted funding from the Arts Council of England, are launching a new website called Show Me, aimed at kids between 7-11, to discover museums and galleries.

Brill. My son was driving me bats wittering away about everything from discovering Eminem (not impressed, major ramping up of parental controls on the internet; bummer as will miss a few umm…informative…websites now) to a step by step recipe from Nigella Lawson (his new crush) on how to make honeycomb.  “Here Son, look at this new website and tell me what you think” I said, shoving the laptop onto his knee and making a hasty bolt for the kitchen. A brew and a breather is always needed 30 minutes after my Son gets home from school.

10 minutes later, I popped my head round the door. “Everything alright mate?”  He was sat just where I left him, engrossed.  I took his grunt as agreement and plodded off to make the meal; ok yes, I also tried to make Nigella honeycomb…failed.  Twenty minutes later, curious that the stink of burnt sugar wafting through the house had not enticed my Son into the kitchen, I bobbed my head round the door again.  Not looking up, my little old man held up a ‘talk to the hand’ instruction “shusshhh”  I obeyed and buggered off again.

An hour had passed and I was bored now!  “Whatcha doin?” I asked as I plopped myself next to him on the couch. He tutted and replied “ok, you’ve got five minutes cos I’m busy” and in a complete role reversal, I snuggled up to him on the couch as he talked me through the website.

Launching this month (Sept 2014), the Show Me website was ram packed with everything that could fascinate my self-proclaimed geek Son.  Together we learned about the best castles in the UK, what a Phrenologist is (A dude that studies skulls), a stuffed walrus in London that has its own Twitter account @HornimanMuseum and we played games such as Transformasaur  (Try it here Transformasaur )and Bat Sense.  I thought my science loving boy would love the boffin section the most so clicked into sections such as Top Ten Dead Things in Museums and the Periodic Table game (more fun than it sounds!).

My daughter arrived home twenty minutes later and soon had her head on my shoulder.  “Soo, whatcha doin?” she asked.  “Its not for you, you’re 12, you are too old” my boy informed her. “How did a Cod fish manage to swallow a dwarf’s hand?” she asked baffled.  Son and I tutted and let her squish up next to us and join in reading.  Not long later, Hubby arrived home, “Yoo, hoo, Family. I’m home….what?” stunned to see three ‘talk to the hand’s fired at him, “Shhhuuushhh”

Click here for the website homepage

If any of you readers are teachers or school governors, then try this link As a former school governor, I found it a really good resource for schools to use and will be passing it on to my Son’s school teacher; if my boy hasn’t already done so.

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