Vita Coco For Kids – By My Kids

A spooky coincidence occurred recently…or perhaps, if you are more spiritually minded, then you would say “We put out a request & the Universe answered”; but that sets a bit too dramatic a tone for the rest of the blog post so I will just say “summat happened that was right good timin”.

After a morning spent in hospital, it was apparent that I had passed on my dodgy tummy DNA to my poor Son. A few weeks off school were prescribed along with some other meds which made us both feel queasy at the thought.  Add to this, a change in diet and no fizzy or milky drinks. Poor kid was not impressed.

Mooching round the supermarket later that day, we saw various drinks ranging from Blah to Bleurgh.  I pointed out coconut water to him and he looked at me like I had lost my marbles!  An hour later, we arrived home disappointed.  I checked my emails and would you believe it…an invitation from Vita Coco Kids to try samples of their new naturally flavoured coconut water, especially made for kids. Was that timing or what?

A few days later, a package arrived which we eagerly unwrapped. When my Son saw the flavours, his initial flat refusal to try them was withdrawn.  My 12 year old daughter is a cola addict, so this was the chance to introduce her to something healthier. From here, I think I’ll let the kids tell you for themselves…

So, that’s what my munchkins thought.  If you are thinking about maybe popping a carton of this in your kid’s lunchbox, here are the stats for you.

The drinks have no artificial colourings or preservatives, no added sugar.  Not made from concentrate and contains 5g of sugar and 22 calories; compared with the leading UK kids juice drink which has 7.8g sugar and 40 calories per 100ml.  It also contains 170mg of potassium whereas the leading UK kids chilled juice drink contains 0mgs potassium.  Major bonus though, it fits in lunchboxes and is compliant with my son’s school ‘healthy lunchbox’ policy.

For more deets, visit their website via this link Vita Coco Kids. #Ad

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