The Wedding Fayre at Venue Cymru

In the words of Carrie Bradshaw “I am missing the bride gene”!

I was never the little girl who played dress up!  Yes, I raided my Mum’s wardrobe and tried on her outfits whilst she was at bingo but never did I pretend that her lace curtains were my veil and do the “dadadadaahh” wedding march down a makeshift aisle.

My fiancé informed me quite early on that he wanted a beach wedding; I’m assuming abroad as Rhyl promenade, being dive-bombed by seagulls doesn’t conjure the most romantic picture. He talks about bare feet, sunshine and warm breezes.  The closest we get to a warm breeze round here is vindaloo boffs down Wellington road on a Thursday night.  Nope, he MUST mean abroad…

Initially, I had shrugged my shoulders, smiled and said “Oki Doki”.  That suited me as I haven’t the foggiest about wedding planning, etiquette or tradition and to be honest, the details didn’t interest me at all.

Then Hubs introduced me to ‘Don’t Tell the Bride’ and suggested we apply.  Groozy!.  I was happy for him to do all the faff and I just show up and enjoy…until that it, I remembered last Christmas and the complete disaster of him choosing me a handbag and undies.  I had said “Think Marilyn Monroe”  I received Hilda Ogden.  Sacked!!

So, it was in search of the bride gene that my daughter and I attended Venue Cymru’s wedding fayre in Llandudno recently.  I guess it didn’t get off to the best of starts when I was handed a goodie bag and asked to wear a sticker with BRIDE written in bold pink on it.  My daughter (also not a dress up kid) rolled our eyes at each other.  We slapped the sticker on the goodie bag instead and left a bunch of excitable, giggly brides all stickering up at the entrance.

Inside, we saw a chocolate fountain, with a selection of dunkable yummys. “When is the wedding?” Scrumdiddly Umptious, the first of soo many stall holders asked me. It occurred to me that I hadn’t given that much thought either.  I felt like a fraud, a fake bride as I mumbled “No date set yet”. “Do you have a theme in mind”?  “Have you booked a venue”? the questions were coming thick and fast and this woman was freaking me out.  “Dunno yet” I replied as her eyes narrowed then lowered to my wedding finger, obviously checking I even had a ring.  I was ready to show her another finger but my daughter quickly hustled me away.

“What’s the matter with you”? she asked.  “I’m just pants at this, I want to be married but I just cant get excited about all of this  stuff” I replied, gesturing around the room.

We plodded across to where Cute As Can Be stationary were displaying some beautiful invite cards. “That’s lovely; I would choose something like that invite card, its festive looking”. My daughter grinned widely “Mum, that’s it, well done, a breakthrough” she high-fived me.  I was unconvinced but it was a very nice card.

Next we passed a wedding venue display.  I pointed at the chair with a big bow on it “Eurgh, I loathe bows on chairs, but that sparkly hangy thingy looks nice on that chair”  Daughter nodded and winked at me. Hmm.. maybe I am getting into this.

Whilst my girl got new eyebrows powdered on by the eyebrow ladies, I glanced round the other stalls. “Ahhh, how cute”  I sidled over to the next stand where Groomintails had doggie bowties and pictures of dogs in attendance at their respective humans nuptials.  Again, I got asked all the same questions but this time I felt a little less defensive “Nothing set yet but I’ve come here for inspiration” I replied truthfully.

We looked through BenWalkerPhotography & GrahamWilliams portfolios, enjoyed operatic singers Canig , chatted to make up artists KayEvans & JessicaDineen and exchanged compliments with headband designers NinaWren.  With each stand I visited, I grew in confidence and began to notice subtle surges of excitement at the thought of what our wedding could actually be like.

Music started up and across the room, we saw models stride down a catwalk.  We watched as dresses of all descriptions from KarenLesleyBridalEmporium swooshed across the stage.  “Like it, Don’t like it, That’s lovely, Err…No, def no to that one”.  I could see the types of dresses that I knew Hubs would like and I could see the ones that I liked, they were very, very different dresses! I mentally shoved the application for the reality show in an envelope and set fire to it.  Not only had I gone from ‘bum all interest’ to ‘oh me likey but, the thought of being barefoot on a beach when I could be wearing beautiful shoes like the models had on, meant that the beach abroad was fast losing its appeal too!

After the show, we discovered a company called Smooth (Contact for deets).  They had put out a giant pool-table, with footballs on it, where people could kick the balls into the pockets. “That’s Brilliant!!” we exclaimed. Love it!  “When’s the wedding”? *sigh* “Dunno, my Hubs wants a beach wedding but I don’t know …”  He grinned at me. “Well, what makes you happy?” he asked.  “Christmas” I beamed.  Next thing, this fabulous man concocted a full theme that incorporated all the seasons culminating with a snowy, Christmas first dance.  It was the most amazing wedding I had ever heard of!  I wanted it!!

That’s it.  I was / still am excited!  The entire picture, from the cake to the dress to the music, everything came in one full hit. Genius!!

Full of excitement, daughter and I suddenly found ourselves behaving like those giggly, stickered up brides. We popped over to PictureBox Photobooth to record the moment, donning hats and wigs, before dashing home to tell Hubs all our new plans. 

I’m relieved to say that he loved the ideas too, thank goodness.  Right, now that’s me bride gene found, where’s the calendar??

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  1. weyne moth says:

    I think I can gain the perfect ideas for my ‘Bridal look’ here with the help of the blog. In coming month, I am going to get married in one of the Phoenix Venues, so I am in great need of having effective ideas for the purpose of giving beautiful poses too.


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