The Christmas Rage

My son has never really bothered much with arts or anything creative, preferring facts, science and computer technology. His favourite TV programmes are Mythbusters, Bear Grylls, Top Gear and How its Made. So when he came home from school last week and told me that he had written a Christmas poem and had been asked to perform it at his school’s Christmas show in the local church, I was surprised to say the least.

That was, until I heard it at the show last night.  Then all became crystal clear.  Nobody but my son could have wrote this poem!  My boy is a massive Christmas fan but it was his dry, old for his years, wit came through loud and clear.  He spoke proud and perfectly clear in his best public speaking voice, betraying not the slightest hint of nerves.  He was fab and very funny!

As we left the church, I told him how impressed I was with his poem, to which he raged “The teachers messed with it”.  How blimmin dare they! I asked him why on earth they had done that, knowing that his work was good enough not to need ‘tweaking’ and even if it had, that’s his work and should be praised as is.

“They changed the last line to ‘& that’s a fact’.  How can it be a fact that IPods and Ferraris existed over 2000 years ago?  We wouldn’t be singing about Mary travelling on a poor flippin donkey if that was the case would we! These people are supposed to be educators – god help us….*tut* ”  I suppressed a smirk. Can’t argue with that can I?

So, here for your festive enjoyment, is my son’s UNEDITED Christmas poem.  Merry Christmas

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  1. Robert says:

    Cracking poem. Kids surprise us every day. When I told my 4 year old I was 50 years older than him he was amazed and said that’s a lot of years. Not to sure he knew really but it was funny. My oldest said to me yesterday what can I do for my 30th I was shocked that he’s that old.


    1. Thanks Robert, I’ll tell my Son that you liked his poem. Kids eh – they are so funny! No matter what age they are, they can still crack you up 😂. Glad you enjoyed the post x


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