I do – haha

Holy Poo – I did it!

I honestly never believed (or wanted) to do it again, it had kicked my arse before, I’d seen it kick the arse of others and no way did I, or my fella, plan to EVER do it again!

But did it we did. Romantic, Risky, Stupid, Hopeful, Practical, Loved up… who knows what our brains were thinking, I guess our hearts just didn’t want to NOT do it (Yes, of course I will excuse you for a few seconds to cringe / puke / mushily say awwwhhh)

Our prep was all done in an easy, come what may as long as everyone has fun, fashion (see previous post linked below for 8 tips for stress free wedding planning).  We decided to have our wedding in the place where we had first officially met (also read this as the place where my fella first bothered to notice me; I had been drooling over him for years and the cheeky fecker never showed the slightest bit of interest in me) which was a hotel in St Asaph called the Oriel House.  In the spirit of being as chill as possible, we decided that we would stay over in the hotel the night before as well as the night of the wedding, and that way, we could keep a check that the ceremony and receptions rooms were set up the way we wanted and we could take full advantage of the Jacuzzi in the Bride and Groom suite, which we knew we wouldn’t be sober enough to enjoy after the reception.


Both hubs and I had separate work meetings to attend that morning, so we arrived at the hotel separately with our cars bursting full of suits, dresses, flowers, donut walls, and so on.  I arrived first and loaded everything onto a caterers trolley, which was more badly behaved than an 80’s Asda trolley with two toddlers hanging off it!  With much crash and tumble, and some help from a couple of hubby’s friends, I managed to get everything in one piece to our room.  I then flolloped onto the gorgeous four-poster bed and lay there feeling weird, nervous and happy for over an hour before my man came to join me.

The assumption is that your wedding night is the most romantic night of your life.  The night before, in the bubbles, drinking champagne (Mateus for him, as he cant stand posh booze) reminiscing over the past 8 years and planning the next 20’ish, making love and then calling room service for our meal was the most beautiful night of my life.  I don’t do romantic normally, I suck at mushy stuff, but that night was perfection!


Amazingly, I slept well that night and woke feeling nervous but very, very happy.  Hubs buggered off after breakfast to check on the decorations etc, whilst I went to pick my daughter up from her Dad’s house and take her to the The End Hair Salon in Rhuddlan to get our hair made pretty.  My Mum and Maid of Honour were there with bubbly and we had a fab time  and were all so happy with how fabulous the team had made our hair look!  I looked over at my Mum who was so nervous and I wished I could run over to her and give her a massive hug.  The stylist did a brilliant hairstyle for Mum and she looked absolutely beautiful. Big shout out to the lovely ladies there – I cant recommend them highly enough:)

On the way back, I picked up my son from his Dad’s (same Dad btw) and we chatted about his James Bond suit and trainers ensemble and how we thought the day would go, but on the whole, both kids ripped the pee out of my nerves which were really starting to kick in big time by now.


A knock at the door to our suite at 2pm was answered by my daughter, and quickly followed by a small shriek.  Jason our photographer had arrived to take the photos of us getting ready, however, I had been having so much fun playing around with my daughter’s snapchat filters that I actually forgot to put on my dress and the other half of my face.   Poor Jason had to stand in the adjacent lounge listening to my Mum and Maid of Honour shouting from beneath the skirts of my Maggie Sottero dress “pass me up the laces”, “Sorry to touch your butt Lynz” and “boff and die woman” as they tried to manipulate the criss-cross of the laces of my corset gown, crushing my ribcage and hoisting in my waist to the point where I could no longer sit down. Breathing was reduced to shallow gasps, until the dress ‘moulded’ to my body.  Jason thought it hysterical as he began snapping away.

Michelle, our wedding director came to the room to collect me, announcing “Its Time”  Strangely, I would have thought that this would be bricking it time, but it was actually the moment that I relaxed.  Michelle had previously informed me that she would be in complete control, she would tell me where to go, what to do, what to say, when to breathe… ok, slight exaggeration, but I trusted this fabulous woman to instruct me every step of the way and I was prepared for this woman to be the only human in history that would tell me what to do and I would follow it to the letter.

Michelle led me, Jason, my Daughter, Mum, Dad and Maid of Honour to the staircase for photos and then told them it was time to go to the ceremony.  My Dad and I looked at each other apprehensively “Does she mean us too”? we both asked at the same time, and shrugged in response.  As we stood awaiting our instructions, I looked at my Dad with so much pride.  He looked so handsome in his suit and I knew that, as much as he wanted to walk me down the aisle, he was really nervous about everyone watching him.  “Are you coming?” My daughter poked her head down the corridor, laughing at us for hovering like a couple of plonkers.

Bricking it?? Nah dad, I got this…

As I stood outside the ceremony room, I heard the first bars of the ‘down the aisle’ song start up.  I saw my daughter cringe a little as the doors opened and the music got louder.

The song was ‘How Long Will I Love You’ but instead of Ellie Goulding singing, it was my daughter, recorded when she was 12 years old. Her voice was sweet, pure and gives me heart-squishes every time I hear it.  As the doors flew open, I saw my hubby at the end of the aisle waiting for me with my son and his son, who had flown over from Germany to be his best man.  My chest crushed at that moment and I had this overwhelming feeling of apprehension, what if I didn’t look like the vision he must have built up in his head.  I started to shake and  leaned over to my Dad and said “I hope he is not disappointed”

My amazing father and I about to head down the aisle …with Michelle in the background keeping an eye

Seconds later, I saw that Hubs had not waited for me to descend the aisle, but instead looked at me through the doorway, and mouthed “Oh Wow” and tears began to drown his eyeballs, as my Dad replied “I think he’s happy love”.  Admittedly, my fella wells up over episodes of Dog rescuers, Don’t Tell the Bride and Christmas adverts but it was still a good sign.

I felt elated as I walked down the aisle and it felt amazing to see so many faces of family and friends looking happy for us.  We said our vows, repeated after the registrar but when it came to my turn, I couldn’t understand why everyone was laughing. I figured my bloke must have some prank or ‘help me’ sign up somewhere but as it turned out, when asked if I take this man, he had crossed his fingers behind his back in hope that I would say yes, which made everyone laugh.  This didn’t prove to be the biggest laugh of the ceremony however.  As the registrar announced “I am pleased to tell you, that you are now, Husband and Wife” a little voice rang out “HA, HA…”  Everyone roared with laughter that my little nephew had chosen that moment to give his opinion on our situation.  Couldn’t have been timed better!

Heckled by a toddler

After that, it was a whirlwind of photographs, food, drink, laughter, dancing and fun.  Apparently our canapés were lovely (missed those), as was our evening buffet, donuts, cupcakes, wedding cake and sweet cart treats (missed all those too – gutted!)  Our meals of tomato and basil soup, roast turkey dinner and sticky toffee pudding were absolutely delicious.  Plenty of wine on the tables was enjoyed as speeches from my new Step-Son had everyone in tears, followed by a speech from my new hubby, which had everyone in stiches as he retold the tale of how terrifying his attempts at asking my parent’s permission to marry me had been.

Thank goodness for these trainers…I could dance all night

Dancing started really early on, instigated by hubby and everyone was on their feet bopping away for over an hour before our first dance happened.  That was my cue to nip back to my room with my son, who was tasked with trying to get me into my new bridal Puma trainers, as I could’t bend from ribcage to hips.  That boy is my hero!  Back on the dancefloor, ‘You to me are everything’ by the Real Thing was the perfect song which we chosen for our first dance; the title of which I had tattooed across my lower back a few weeks later.

Our favourite comedian Ignacio Lopez made us so happy by agreeing to perform at the wedding.  He is absolutely hilarious and our friends and family were crying with laughter. Even my teenage son couldn’t hide his laughter as Ignacio explained how he tries to make sense of being a Spanish man living in Swansea and the concepts of things like pre-drinks, paintballing and stag dos.

Ignacio Lopez – our fave comedian EVER

The photo-booth was a big hit, although I discovered later that my niece had barfed into the accessories box after too many donuts, so if anyone is reading this and remembers that their hair was inexplicably sticky and smelly that night….oops.  The tunes chosen by moi for the disco were fab and had everyone bopping till the wee hours. We had congas, huddles, karaoke, dirty dancing lift attempts, marches (lots of veterans at this do peeps) and I can honestly say it was a bloody brilliant atmosphere!

The following morning, those who had stayed over in the hotel gathered bleary eyed for breakfast. The consensus was that it was a fantastic wedding and party and nobody wanted to go home, but instead stay on, and do the whole thing again.

So that’s what we are going to do.

We are going to do the whole thing again on the same date next year, a blessing and reception with all the same people and hopefully have another fabulous celebration.  I cant wait!

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